About Us


“Formed in 2015 by Mr.P.Venugopal with combined inherited knowledge of ancient, authentic Indian food with the desire to serve the people.”

Mr.P.Venugopal loved the age-old recipes and thought of passing down the traditional Indian food with a new twist to the millennials. His goal is to “bring back the forgotten flavors of India across the globe”.  

His mission is to serve food without any additives. By this he wants to give assurance to the customers that they will be served with wholesome, tasty, natural food, when ordered from Annavilaas.  This thought of him made him take the sole responsibility of quality control and standardization across all outlets with the help of his dedicated team.

The story of


Our founder inaugurated the very first restaurant in Coimbatore, Tamil nadu in 2015. Being a foodie at heart, he began Annavilaas to offer authentic South Indian food back then. This turned out to be the start of an eventful and fulfilling journey and continues till date as we serve over 4 million customers across all outlets annually.   

Regarded as one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains, we have branches in Netherlands (Amsterdam), UAE (Dubai), India (Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi). We are also planning to expand our restaurants globally.  

We continue to grow stronger through our consistent focus on the right things, like high-quality ingredients, affordable pricing, and great customer service. That is the reason Annavilaas has become the go-to Indian Vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant for foodies. We are often asked about our secret to success. Our food is not the only reason, while our regular customers compliment about the taste and quality of our food, there are other things too like 


“Being authentic to our roots, not compromising on quality, not adding any additives and keeping our customers first”



Our growth has only been possible because Annavilaas was born out of a passion for great food, fuelled by its founder and because of the entire team’s dedication and hardwork.  

Our franchised partners also play a pivotal role in the success of Annavilaas by helping us implement the strategies and goals of the founder. They also maintain good client relationships and help in the growth of Annavilaas.    

Our chefs have mastered the art of making authentic Indian dishes. They keep innovating the dishes without compromising the traditional taste and flavor of the food. Each of the dishes are prepared with spices and fresh ingredients to create the best dining experience.

Our friendly F&B staffs add more smiles with every serving. They help to enhance the guests experience at Annavilaas.



Annavilaas is a truly traditional authentic vegetarian Indian restaurant, serving exotic Indian food from different regions of South and North India.

We offer an exciting menu that has a blend of traditional favorites with modern, creative dishes like Rose petal idli, Cheese Masala Dosai, Kulfi Idli, Finger Paneer, Vazhail Ellai Dum Parotta (Parotta with curry and spices wrapped in Banana leaf), Fruit Vada, and Kavuni sweet (made with black rice and jaggery) as well as 100’s of vegetarian and vegan options. The goal is to present a creative, nutritious, tasty, and balanced meal.

Maybe it’s an Indian flavor you remember from childhood or missing that familiar aroma of spices roasting in ghee, or you just want to explore and discover Indian flavors, Annavilaas is the place to visit. 

We kindle your sensation of taste and aroma with Indian-style cooking done using traditional methods like roasting of coffee bean, using hand-pounded spices made in-house, steaming with banana leaf, and hand-made roti dough and dosa/idli batter.

Our main USPs are Non-recycling of oil, No MSG, No Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Dalda), No Artificial Food Colours, and Traditional Ingredients (hand-picked rice) sourced from farmers.

Our vision is to take traditional Indian vegetarian dishes worldwide through uncompromised quality, no additives, healthy and tasty food at affordable prices.

While we aim to become one of the best Indian chains of restaurants in the world, our primary motive lies in serving the most authentic vegetarian and vegan dishes to our guests.

Come and experience the scrumptious food through our wide range of Indian vegetarian spread at Annavilaas!

Why do people


Customer satisfaction is ingrained at the heart of our brand. We always strive to create an experience that is pleasant, memorable, and respectful of our customers. One of the ways we do this is by using high-quality ingredients in all our preparations, even if it means going the extra mile to source them, or incurring a higher cost. But the results have been well worth it as for us at Annavilaas, our customers’ satisfaction is our highest reward.

We would love to walk those extra miles to keep customers happy at our place!